Low water levels, like at this reservoir near Gustine, Calif., bring birds and mosquitoes together and help transmit West Nile virus to humans. Rich Pedroncelli/AP hide caption

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In California, Less Water Means More West Nile Virus KQED

You'd think that mosquitoes wouldn't like drought, but that's not what's happening in California, where stagnant water has spawned more mosquitoes. Cases of West Nile virus have doubled since last year.

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President Obama signs H.J. Res 124, which includes appropriations to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels. For now, the effort will be paid for from an account meant to wind down the war in Afghanistan. Evan Vucci/AP hide caption

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National Security

Why Did Congress Kick The Can On Funding Islamic State Mission?

The president got approval for his plan to train and equip Syrian opposition fighters, but lawmakers didn't approve funds to pay for it or the broader air campaign.

Shonda Rhimes speaks onstage at the "How To Get Away With Murder" panel during the Television Critics Association press tour in the summer of 2014. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images hide caption

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Monkey See

The Only One: A Talk With Shonda Rhimes

No, the screenwriter, director and producer did not spend the entire hour speaking about diversity in television or about the article that referred to her as an "Angry Black Woman." As NPR's Linda Holmes notes, Rhimes has a lot more to say.

Dr. Daniel Bausch (in blue T-shirt) has spent years studying Ebola. In April, he went to Guinea, where the current outbreak began. Courtesy of Daniel Bausch hide caption

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Goats and Soda

This Doctor Knows The Ebola Virus All Too Well

Can you catch it from sweat on a cab seat? Will blood transfusions help? Who really wants to go to Africa and pitch in? Is it too late? A leading virologist answers urgent questions about Ebola.


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Microphone Check

Microphone Check Live: The Stories Of The Notorious B.I.G.

On Sunday, Sept. 14, 20 years and one day after Biggie Smalls' debut album Ready to Die was released, we gathered four of the musician's friends in Brooklyn to recall the man they knew.

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